West Africa

Ghana: Cape Coast Castle

Explore the poignant history of the transatlantic slave trade at Cape Coast Castle in Ghana. Delve into the dark past of slavery and colonialism while experiencing the cultural significance of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Senegal: Pink Lake

Marvel at the surreal beauty of Senegal’s Pink Lake, known for its stunning pink hue caused by unique algae and high salt content. Take a memorable salt-mining boat tour and witness the vibrant local culture around this natural wonder.

Nigeria: Olumo Rock

Climb the ancient Olumo Rock in Nigeria’s Abeokuta city and immerse in rich history and breathtaking views. Explore natural caves, shrines, and relics while learning about the legendary tales surrounding this iconic landmark.

Benin: Ouidah

Experience the vibrant culture and history of Benin at Ouidah, a city known for its connections to the slave trade and voodoo religion. Visit the Door of No Return and explore museums and temples showcasing the country’s rich heritage.

Côte d’Ivoire: Mount Nimba

Discover the stunning biodiversity of Mount Nimba in Côte d’Ivoire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trek through lush rainforests and encounter unique flora and fauna in this mountainous region teeming with natural beauty.

Liberia: Sapo National Park

Embark on an adventure in Liberia’s Sapo National Park, one of the largest remaining areas of primary tropical rainforest in West Africa. Explore diverse ecosystems and encounter rare species in this untouched wilderness.




Ivory Coast


Burkina Faso