Havana’s Malecón – The Sultry Social Pulse

Cue the crashing waves and smoky evening light. Havana’s seaside promenade kicks off with a sizzle whether you’re chilling over beers or philosophizing amid the entertainers. This is Cuba’s unfiltered artery.

El Nicho Waterfalls – Jungle Gushers

Emerald green pools. Torqued cascades. Lush rainforest vines dangling like nature’s naughty negligees. El Nicho delivers a refreshing escape from the Caribbean heat.

Trinidad – A Rainbow Colonial Gem

Bright. Vibrant. Vivid! This meticulously preserved old town struts its colorfully-painted 16th century plumage like a feisty peacock. Cuba’s most enchanting time capsule.

Varadero Beach – Powdery White Mango Shake

Endless sugary white sandscapes. Bathwater-warm turquoise shallows. Swaying palms stirring up tropical zephyrs. Varadero Beach defines beachside paradise.

Cigar Country (Viñales Valley) – Rustic Charmer

Limestone mogotes rise out of the crimson fields like ghosts. Tobacco leaves drying in rustic sheds scent the air. Vinales drips cowboy soul.

Salsa Bailarinas – Hot. Hot. Hot!!!

Salsa isn’t just a dance in Cuba. From Havana’s nightclubs to cabaret revues, feisty bailarinas and timba grooves will get you moving.

Che Guevara Trail – Revolution Road

Travel the rural backroads and monuments tracing Che’s revolutionary footsteps. Myth meets reality for history’s most badass guerrillero.

Guarapo – Ankle-Shakingly Lethal Sugar Rush

Sweet baby Jamaica! This bracingly fresh sugarcane juice takes flavors to a whole ‘nother level. One sip and you’re riding the sugar dragon straight to high heaven.

Afro-Cuban Rumba Clubs – Intoxicating Vibe Session

From neighborhood haunts to outdoor street parties, Cuba’s eternal rumba obsession delivers a feelgood vibe session. Join the revelry!