Playa Rincón – Screensaver Paradise

This wild and gorgeous stretch on the Samaná Peninsula is what deserted island screensaver fantasies are made of. Swaying coconut trees frame sugary sands lapped by waters so electric blue they seem almost unreal. Slip into instant honeymoon bliss mode!

Punta Cana – Excess All Areas

The Republic’s saucy capital of hedonistic delights delivers all the sun-drenched, deliriously extra all-inclusive luxury you can handle. Miles of bombshell beaches lined with immodest pleasure palace resorts and enough tequila sunrises to fuel the world’s worst hangover.

Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial – A Romance Novel Courtyard

Wander the atmospheric cobblestoned streets of this 1496 time-warp neighborhood for a hit of serious old-world Spanish opulence and drama. Pastel-hued homes, mighty fortresses like the uber-theatrical Alcázar de Colón, and colonial courtyards so dreamy you’ll be batting your eyelashes.

Salto de Jimenoa Uno – Jungle Waterfall Thrills

Time to unleash your inner Indiana! Battle through pine forests to chase this thundering roar of a waterfall in the rugged Central Cordillera mountains. Keep that piña colada steady as you gasp at the sheer force and beauty of those turquoise cascades.

Río Damajagua – Canyoning Pandora

Grab your safety gear and get those adrenaline glands fired up for this wet and wild canyoning escapade near Jarabacoa. We’re talking full-on waterpark adventuring through labyrinthine rock formations and churning cascades straight out of Pandora. Hello rush!

Crispy Chicharrón de Pollo

Unleash your inner crispy chicken gangster with these ubiquitous, cracklingly-crunchy and criminally addictive little pockets of heaven from roadside cafes. Chicharrón fiends know where it’s at!

La Bandera Dominicana

The rice, red bean, meat, plantain and everything nice platter known as “the Dominican flag” is pure hangover-busting, belly-swelling, comforting bliss on a plate. Nutritious? Eh, who cares when it tastes this heavenly.

Mangú for the Soul

This creamy, garlicky, supremely satisfying mashed plantain sorcery provides the ultimate hug for your tastebuds. One bite of this revered local breakfast dish and you’ll be swearing allegiance to the mighty green plantain overlords.

The Sizzling Cultural Beat

From red-hot merengue dancehall fiestas to ear-drum busting baseball stadium parties, this fiery island does not do “chill” vibes. Add in those rum-soaked, fancy-free street parties and festivals, and you’ve got one delirious, euphoric dose of that saucy Dominican spirit!