Tayrona National Park

Located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, Tayrona National Park is renowned for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and rich biodiversity. Visitors can hike through the park’s trails, swim in crystal-clear waters, and camp under the stars. The park is also home to indigenous communities and archaeological sites, offering a glimpse into Colombia’s cultural heritage.


Cartagena is one of Colombia’s most iconic cities. Explore the cobblestone alleys of the Old Town, stroll along the city walls, and admire the colourful facades of the buildings. Don’t miss the chance to sample delicious Colombian cuisine at the city’s many restaurants and street food stalls.


Once known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Medellín has transformed into a vibrant metropolis with a thriving cultural scene. Ride the cable cars up to the hillside neighbourhoods, explore the Botanical Garden, and learn about the city’s complex history at the Museum of Antioquia. Medellín is also known for its innovative urban projects, including the iconic escalators of the Comuna 13.


As Colombia’s capital and largest city, Bogotá offers a mix of history, culture, and modernity. Explore the historic La Candelaria neighbourhood, visit the impressive Gold Museum, and take a cable car ride up to the summit of Monserrate for panoramic views of the city. Bogotá is also known for its thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, theatres, and street art displays.

Coffee Region

Colombia’s Coffee Region, also known as the “Coffee Triangle,” is a lush and picturesque area renowned for its coffee plantations and stunning landscapes. Visitors can tour coffee farms, learn about the coffee production process, and sample some of the world’s best coffee. The region also offers opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and exploring charming colonial towns like Salento and Filandia.


Known as the “Salsa Capital of the World,” Cali is a lively city with a passion for dance and music. Explore the city’s salsa clubs and dance halls, where you can learn to dance like a local or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Cali also offers beautiful parks, historic landmarks, and delicious Colombian cuisine, making it a must-visit destination in Colombia.