Is Namibia a good fit for families?


Namibia is a great fit for families, offering a variety of self-drive itineraries that cater to travelers with kids. The country’s spectacular landscapes, people, and wildlife make it an ideal destination for a family adventure. The itineraries typically include family-friendly attractions such as Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast, and the Caprivi Strip. However, it’s important to note that careful planning is essential due to long driving distances and challenging road conditions.

The itineraries also emphasize the need to consider the duration of the trip to make the most of the experience. Road-tripping through Namibia is a popular and flexible way to explore the country’s diverse offerings, making it suitable for families seeking a good holiday experience.

Best regions in Namibia for Families for holiday

The lively coastal town of Swakopmund, with its pleasant beaches and relaxed vibe, makes a great starting point. Inland lies Etosha National Park, Namibia’s premier wildlife destination, while further north, ancient art and rocky landscapes await in the region of Damaraland.

Don’t Miss activities with little ones

In Swakopmund, tiny tots will love visiting the aquarium and snake park. Take a short drive from Windhoek to spot wildlife roaming on private reserves. Older toddlers can enjoy sand play and the ocean around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Top adventures for bigger kids

Older children will love the thrill of adrenaline-pumping activities in Namibia’s dramatic landscapes. Sandboarding down the towering red dunes at Sossusvlei lets kids of all ages experience an epic sandbox. After getting outfitted with boards, wax, and gloves, the whole family can walk up a dune and slide, jump, or roll back down. Trying to stand up while cruising down the sandy slope takes coordination and provides laughs. Nearby Deadvlei offers a chance to walk amongst 900-year old dead acacia trees in a clay pan for a surreal experience.

Kayaking along the orange river

For teens seeking a splash of adventure, kayaking along the Orange River presents another fun option. Paddling down river rapids surrounded by desert provides a unique perspective of Namibia’s scenery. Kayak tours often include calm water sections good for beginners too. Combining camping under the stars with daily kayaking makes for an unforgettable multi-day trip.

Going on thrilling Safari game drives

Of course, going on safari ranks as a quintessential African experience. Game drives in Etosha National Park give kids the chance to spot the Big 5 and a wide array of wildlife at waterholes and salt pans. Early morning and late afternoon drives are best for seeing large herds and predators. Spotting lion prides, towering elephants, and endangered black rhinos creates lifelong memories. Staying in comfortable lodges and camps within the park allows for relaxing downtime between drives.

Seeing ancient rock art and desert landscapes

In addition to wildlife, Namibia offers geologic wonders. Teens fascinated by history will appreciate the ancient rock art scattered throughout the region of Damaraland. Seeing over 5000-year old rock etchings left by the San Bushmen depicts an early way of life. Damaraland’s petrified forests, desert-adapted elephants, and red rock formations provide a stunning landscape for tours and hikes.

One week Namibia family Itinerary

Day 1 – arrive in Windhoek

Aerial view of buildings in Windhoek downtown urban city town. Namibia, South Africa.

After landing in Namibia’s capital, pick up your rental car and drive 25 minutes to the family-friendly Hotel Safari. Let the kids play at the trampoline park next door.

Day 2 – head to the coast

Make the scenic 5-hour drive west to Swakopmund. Stop along the way to see crafts in Okahandja. Check in at Strand Hotel, then enjoy dinner at The Tug.

Day 3 – desert adventures

Try sandboarding or quad biking through the dunes north of town. After lunch in Swakopmund, go tandem kayaking with the kids in Walvis Bay’s calm waters.

Day 4 – spot seals up North

Drive 90 minutes to Cape Cross seal colony. Marvel at the 100,000+ seals before continuing to the fossilized forest. Overnight in Henties Bay.

Day 5 – Into Etosha National Park

After a 6-hour drive, enjoy an afternoon game drive in Etosha, looking for elephants, lions, and more. Dine overlooking the waterhole at Okaukuejo Camp.

Day 6 – A Full day of game drives

Rise early for a full day of game viewing in Etosha. Drive west to Okonjima in the afternoon to spot leopards and cheetahs. Return after dark for waterhole game viewing.

Day 7 – Twyfelfontein and departure


Drive back to Windhoek, stopping at Twyfelfontein rock engravings. Catch your evening flight after a memorable week!

Tips for an easy Namibia family trip

  • Rent a large vehicle with plenty of seats and book well in advance
  • Have snacks and entertainment ready for long drives
  • Pack warm clothes for chilly desert nights and evenings
  • Carry sunscreen and lots of water in the hot summer months
  • Check for school holidays when planning your visit to avoid crowds
  • Look for family rooms or connected tents at lodges and campsites
  • Confirm all excursions accept children – some have age limits
  • Inquire about children’s discounts at most attractions
  • Expect limited vegetarian and gluten-free dining options

With the right preparation, a self-drive Namibian family holiday offers the chance to bond while immersed in incredible landscapes and wildlife. The journey promises learning, adventure and memories to last a lifetime.